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    Parmigiano Reggiano has a sharp and complex flavour, with an intense savouriness balanced out by fruity and nutty notes. It has a signature texture that is slightly gritty, thanks to the salt crystals which become more pronounced throughout the aging process. Known as the "King of Cheese," Parmigiano Reggiano is a category all of its own, not to be mistaken with the “parmesan” name you see on many labels denoting imitations. Excellent served on its own as a snack or antipasto, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese can be grated over pasta and risotto, shaved atop salads, or stirred into soups, broths, and sauces to add depth of flavour.
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    A top quality Italian chilli paste, perfect for antipasto or for stirring into sauces for a tasty, fiery kick. Please note, this product has a BBE of 12th August.
  • A food specialty with Italian acacia honey and summer truffle slices. An extraordinary product. The sweetness of acacia honey mixed together with the notes of freshly harvested summer truffles is a sensational taste.   Food matching: Use to prepare delicious appetizers. Perfect with mature cheeses, but also with fresh ricotta cheese and pears. Excellent with salads and tropical fruits with almonds, or vanilla ice cream.
  • With an outstanding balance of salty aroma and briny flavour, backed by a luscious sweet complexity, IASA anchovies have a surprisingly meaty texture along with a succulent flavour. After 12 months of curing under sea salt, these anchovies are carefully cleaned and deboned by hand. The firm pink fillets are laid over crisp white linen cloths that help absorb the brine and salt. After a few minutes of drying, the fillets are lined side-by-side in glass jars and covered with olive oil.
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    Anchovy fillets from Campania, hand packed in their famous glass jar to prove the quality. A rare delight from the seas. Add the gourmet touch to pizzas, salads or in a panini. Please note, this products has a BBE of April 2020.
  • Summer truffle slices in oil from the Italia Tartufi company. Suitable for:  appetizers, first courses, meat and fish dishes, eggs, pizza. Food matching: We recommend using it with fresh pasta, or as an elegant garnish for main dishes like a cut of beef, swordfish or tuna carpaccio. The slices can be used to enrich white pizza made ​​with mozzarella and mushrooms, or to make the classic margherita a bit special.
  • Champignon mushroom sauce, extra virgin olive oil, 5% summer truffle, black olives, anchovies, salt, spices and flavorings. Excellent to spread on slices of toasted bread, to fill sandwiches with flavour, to enhance a pasta dish or to enrich a salad.
  • Discover the genuine taste of Cetara’s traditions. A large tub of the finest anchovy fillets in oil, perfect for pizzas, salads, tapenades or anchovy toasts.
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